Tuesday, January 16, 2018

An Exciting Moment and Memory

There is nothing like the feeling of one of these little jewels sitting on one's finger. 

I sat for some time with my arm resting on the deck railing and hand up against the feeder hoping one would land on my finger.  A couple hummers would fly down but go to one of the other openings.  This guy was unsure of me at first flying down, taking a drink, and then hovering back in the air above my hand.  He finally decided I was not a threat and sat on my finger.   What a neat experience that was!!!!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Revisiting my Hummingbirds

Ohhhhhh how I miss these guys.  I have a few people here in central Florida surprised I haven't seen them here but one a couple of times in over 3 years.  We've tried putting out feeders and making sure we have plants that attract but still no luck.

While living in West Virginia we had no problem with them coming around and I took hundreds and hundreds of photos.  Out of all the photos I have on hand, this is one of my favorites and I've sketched him a couple of times.

Each day he liked to perch on this tall tomato stake we had at the corner just over the railing of our front porch.  He would sit there guarding the bird feeders.......taking off after others who dared try to drink from HIS feeders.  What's so funny is that we had six feeders hanging from the porch but he thought they all belonged to him............lol

Sunday, January 14, 2018

When You Can't Decide on What to Sketch...

............sketch your painting gear.

7.5 x 12 Stillman & Birn Beta journal
Hero 578 Bent Nib Fountain Pen
Lexy Gray Ink

To Help Pass Time

We had to go to Toyota yesterday to talk about our end of lease options on our vehicle.  While there, the sales manager offered to have my Highlander washed while he tried to get payoff information to purchase.  Unfortunately TFS was closed so we'll have to wait until Monday to find out more on that. 

Not only did he have the Highlander washed, he told the crew to detail it as well.  While we waited inside, I took out my sketchbook and quickly sketched this mother and child........trying to work fast and be discreet so she didn't know I was doing so.

3.5 x 5.5 Beta journal, Falcon pen w/Lexy Gray ink.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Procreate Techniques I'm Using

Sharing some of the brush tools and how I'm using them in the app, Procreate:

My two top favorite brush tools

How I am pulling from a dark color blending down to lighter values using one of the airbrush tools

Hard and soft edges going lighter in value blending with airbrush tool

Example using my thumb to show how using the smudge / Airbrush tool to pull and blend color from simple color lines laid down. 

My Fishing Bear

Here is one of my favorite bears that represents the boys, Terry, and I fishing.  Before Terry came along, it was Mom and sons that went out fishing.  I was raised  fishing, boating, camping, and even hunting (although more just to sit out observing and to be someone with dad so he wasn't out there alone.)  Anyways.......we go out fishing as often as we can............love the relaxed atmosphere of being on the water and the excitement when something is felt on the end of the line......and we eat a lot of fish (at least Terry and I do).

Procreate drawing using Water Brush tool for both color placement and blending, Air Brush Med and Med Hard for a few areas.  Shadow created with Cloud Brush tool.  This is 17 layers.

The Last Couple of Days

So far so good trying to do a little something each day.  Definitely on the right track to meet my goal of 365 sketches for 2018.

This first is worked in a 3.5 x 5.5 Stillman & Birn Beta journal using the hand crafted fountain pen and Lexy Gray ink.  Then added the little bit of watercolor using a waterbrush.  Only have three more pages before another journal is complete (front and back pages).

Procreate Sketch - primarily using the airbrush tool for this one for both color placement and blending.....all but the foliage, which I used the water brush tool.

8.5 x 12 Stillman & Birn Beta journal using the Platinum Carbon Desk fountain pen and Platinum Carbon black ink.  Worked this one for our sketchcrawl email for when we decide to go to this location......showing where to meet up.

This next one is working in Procreate.  I am so loving sketching on the Ipad with this app.  I tend to use the same two or three brush tools which makes it easy for me to remember what I've used for various techniques and texture.

Another positive to sketching digital is having light in the evening from the electronic screen.  I tend to grab the Ipad of an evening when there's no natural lighting to work under with pen and ink and watercolor.  Easier on my eyes.

As you may have noticed, I'm bouncing back and forth between paper and digital sketching.   Each offers different challenges to help keep me motivated and inspired.

Each step is a separate layer.  Not shown on the sheet of steps (except in the final larger image), is where I took the layer of the background changing the green just a tad so it wasn't quite as gray looking and extending around to the bottom right.

I like saving the steps to help me remember what I've done and also to help my granddaughter (and anyone else) see how I'm working.  Some layers might only be a tinge of darker color here and there.  I work the separate layer if I'm happy with what's already done and fear messing it up by adding different values or colors........like in step three (top right) where I only added a touch of darker color on the breast area and step/layer four (middle left) for the slight blue gray shadow.

I have two more sketch/paintings in the works.........one in my large Beta journal and another on the Ipad.  :-)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Bougainvillea Study

One of the things I had trouble with living up north during the winter was all the browns and grays and leafless trees.  For me it was depressing.  Here in Florida there's something blooming all year round and right now the Bougainvilleas are still going strong even after the real cold spell we just went through

Procreate - Water Brush / Med Airbrush / Calligraphy for writing.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Day of Sketching

I'm close to finishing one of my sketchbooks and it's like going into over-drive sketching...........maybe subconsciously wanting to finish it?  :-)  Not sure because I'm also working in Procreate as well going back and forth.  And it could be for another reason.......to keep my mind occupied.

S&B Small Beta Journal / Platinum Carbon Desk Pen w/Lexy Gray Ink

This first is from photos taken here in Florida while kayaking/fishing.  Still trying to learn my Florida birds.  I'm not 100% sure if this is an Egret but I think so.

This next one is showing what I'm dealing with as of yesterday morning.  It's getting progressively worse and have no idea what's going on.  No injury.  I go barefoot all the time so not anything from wearing shoes.

Woke up yesterday with the feeling something was stuck to two of my toes.  Then a tingling sensation along with itching and then becoming more painful...........probably from swelling.  Later in the day noticed these bumps and groups of them.  Almost like blisters but not.  Then last night noticed the dark purple/black spot on one toe that looks like a blood blister but I don't think it is.  This morning the red spot next to it with toes hurting.  There's a cluster of bumps on the side of one toes that rubs against the other and driving me crazy.   My feet are extremely dry and flaking.

Procreate Sketching

Using different brush tools that look like graphite.  It's of a Tree Man Planter I got for Christmas from my husband.

And then there was the other already posted of a night scene where I sketched using an eraser brush tool in Procreate on a dark background.

I've already started another sketch in my large portrait format S&B Beta that I'll probably finish as the day wears on.

Definitely a productive day and part of the reason might be to take my mind off my toes.

Sketching with Eraser in Procreate

Thought I'd try something different............sketching by erasing color.  There may be a name for this but I can't seem to find anything on it with search terms I've tried so far.

It's basically starting with a dark background and lifting or erasing to produce the image.

With this one I used the Sketching / Shading Graphite tool - large and laid in the dark background with black.   Then I used a 6B Eraser brush tool to remove color using a variation of pressure for the different light values.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Madison's First Adventures Using Procreate

What is so exciting is seeing another in the family interested in art.  Both the granddaughters like to paint and draw and have been doing so for a few years now.

Madison (the eldest) has been following my digital work loving what I have been doing.  She is now trying her hand at digital drawing/painting using her Ipad, Apple Pencil, and the same app, Procreate.

Here is what she's done so far the last couple of days and having a blast working with the app :-)

Madison loves wolves and she's really into capturing people.  She's doing such a fantastic job too!!!

Beloved Christmas Gift from Years Ago

This is a nightlight my sister sent me as a Christmas gift many years ago.  The light plugs directly into an electrical outlet and light bulb sits behind the framed deer.

Brings back lots of memories of my going hunting with my dad........more so just to be out with him and enjoy the peacefulness sitting in the woods.  It brings back memories of our living on the hill in West Virginia where deer frequented our bird feeders.  And, it also reminds me of all the deer that used to visit my sister to eat corn they threw out for them in Texas.  That was a site to see as it wasn't just a few that came around but a whole herd when she banged on the container that held the corn.

Procreate using Watercolor brush tool and Med Airbrush tool for smudging or blending.

Animated showing the layers created for this illustration.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Today's Procreate Sketch - Parrot Study

Today's sketch is a study of the parrot / macaw from a photo taken months ago at Simon Seeds Garden Center.

I'm finding I prefer not to work the pen and ink look with color in Procreate with many subjects. ....... leaving out the line work and just sticking with color. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Downtown Leesburg

This is a sketch I worked today from  a photo taken months ago of a building that captures my attention every time I go in town.

We lived in Fairmont, WV for 18 years.  Downtown Fairmont is all old buildings that the one here reminds me of that is located in Downtown Leesburg, FL

Pencil first / pen and ink with Platinum Carbon desk pen and Lexy Gray ink / W&N watercolors

I used an angular flat for the entire painting (for a change).

Stillman & Birn small portrait journal/sketchbook

Thursday, January 4, 2018

African Violet Procreate Sketch

Today's sketch is using the Ipad and the app, Procreate.

Although my Christmas Cacti plants are not blooming well, my African Violet is in full bloom and has been for months.

Art Journaling Using an Ipad

I love journaling because all my artwork is maintained in books one can sit and flip through.  In addition to my books, I take quality scans so that I can have a digital copy for backup and to print from should I want reprints for framing.

So what happens when I work digital sketches and paintings and want to have them in a book format to sit and flip through?

Some people might consider printing off and pasting in an actual journal or sketchbook.  I'm not one for scrap booking which to me means playing with glue.  Instead, I like using what I used to use for safekeeping of all my individual sheet paintings before I took to keeping actual journal books.........Itoya Presentation Portfolio Folders.

You can get these in various sizes and the sleeves you slide your work down into are acid free.  This way not only do I have a book of my digital paintings to flip and view, I also have a hard copy as backup.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Single Christmas Cactus Flower

For years my Christmas Cactus plants bloomed beautifully while living in West Virginia.  They used to be outside on a covered porch facing south west from about May until October or so when the cooler weather started moving in.  In front of the porch were two huge trees that helped with shading the plants. 

I would leave them outside until night time temperatures fell into the 40s and then bring them inside.  They would sit in front of the windows that faced the same direction as they did while on the front porch.

Maybe the plants experiencing a big temperature change helped promote good flowering......I'm really not sure.

Since we moved to Florida and the plants growing in a Florida room facing south, I've been lucky to see these plants produce flowers.  A few might show up but nothing like before.  And this year one plant out of several has a few buds and this one flower blooming. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Roses Still Alive - Barely

I have never had roses that lasted beyond a few days.  The roses Stephen gifted me with were given to me Saturday before Christmas.  Here it is Tuesday, January 2nd and they are only now starting to wither.  No petals have dropped yet but the leaves are definitely starting to dry up.  The veins in the leaves are yellow brown now really standing out.

This was done as a recording of this fact using the Cuttlelola electric stippling pen and my Lamy Safari with Lexington Gray ink.  Worked in a small Beta journal.

I used the electric stippling pen for the majority of the sketch but then decided to use my fountain pen for tighter areas and final detailing with better control.  The electric pen is great for quickly filling in areas that would take much longer manually and also for outlining the contours quickly.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Christmas Gift from Santa Clare

This is a post I forgot to include for 2017.

The day after Christmas I received a gift from my friend and sister who resides in the UK.  It's called the Cuttlelola which is a motorized stippling pen run off of rechargeable batteries.

My dear friend, Clare, challenged me to work a sketch using this pen before the end of the year.  In selecting a subject, I chose to do some zen doodling but with the stippling technique instead of marker pens.  I had so much fun that I ended up doing two right away.

Then she challenged me to do another but adding color to it.

There are two speeds to the pen and I found I had better control and felt less vibration in my hand using the slower speed.  What would take hours to complete doing this by hand didn't take long at all with this pen.  I love stippling anyways as I find it relaxing and this pen just makes it plain fun.......lol

First Sketch for 2018

I thought I would start off the New Year with a special memory from photos taken when my husband's family came to stay with us for Christmas and a trip to Sea World.

It had been 10 years since I saw the family and 16 years since we were all together for Christmas. 

Procreate / Airbrush Tool / Studio Pen

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