Thursday, October 10, 2013

Playing with Techniques

These are quick sketches in my Daler Rowney sketchbook playing with different methods or techniques.  First two using a credit card for the main trunks; third page pen and ink plus watercolor and then fourth page using a rigger brush almost parallel to the paper using quick side strokes on the paper.  The paper is super smooth so I didn't quite get the results I know one can get on paper with tooth.

The last two page entry is using a bamboo dip pen and Daniel Smith Walnut ink.  I tried on dry paper as well as painting tree shape with brush and plain water and touching the dip pen for the ink to spread.


Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

Susan....I admire your work very much. I was wondering if there were any online workshops that you could direct me to that I haven't taken yet. I have the Peter Saw DVD, and taken classes from Cathy Johnson, Laurie Ferlita and a couple others I can't think of right now. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Susan Bronsak said...

Hi Brigitte......thank you so much for your comment!!! Peter Saw and Cathy Johnson are my two favorite. I still work Peter's doodles from time to time. I never tire of viewing his CD.

As for other Grant Fuller is another I like real well. Sterling Edwards which is a very different type of painting. Brenda Swenson, Claudia Nice for drawing.

Before this year I had a collection of over 600 books and videos I had collected. I'm down to half that after donating to the university. Check out You might find something there. Also, you tube for videos in the medium you like.

Another place I've dealt with is

For some other free clips that might be of interest is through Jerrys Artarama.....

I think Dick Blick also has a learning center.

Hope those give you some ideas.

Thank you again!!!

Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

Thanks so much, Susan! I appreciate you taking the time to give me so much info.

Susan Bronsak said...

You are so welcome, Brigitte!! Truly hope it helps.

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