Friday, October 25, 2013

Testing Various Mediums - Moleskine Sketchbook

I honestly think this will be the last Moleskine sketchbook I purchase.  I like the Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook but this one with the paper coating just doesn't do it for me.

Here are several little quick sketches as I test watercolor pencils and various pens....

What I am finding is not only the beading issue with anything water soluble, the full potency of ink and watercolor / wc pencil does not show up very well.....lighter in value than compared to other paper surfaces.  I had to use a lot of pressure to get the value you see on the top left page (Christmas Cactus bloom).

The Lamy blue that normally bleeds readily on other papers does not on this paper surface.  Even the Tombow marker was rather dull looking.

Straight waterproof pen and ink was ok but ballpoint was also rather dull looking.  To obtain darks one would have to really apply pressure or go over the area a second time.

Now if I can just remember this the next time I go to purchase pre-bound sketchbooks :-))

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Teri Casper said...

Susan, your art is so beautiful and I absolutely love your header!!!

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