Thursday, October 31, 2013

While Watching NCIS Los Angeles

When one starts drawing and painting, they start seeing things through different eyes.  At least for me it has.  I find myself looking at things around me thinking colors; I find myself looking at negative space and I also take in shapes that I might not otherwise think of.  And always when I'm out and about, I see something that I think..........that would be so cool to draw or sketch.  My mind always seems to be in that mode of thinking anymore.

This also goes with watching movies and TV shows.  I'll see a cabin I love or a scene I want to pause and capture on paper.  This is one of those instances where I did just that while watching NCIS Los Angeles.  The cast is running after a bad guy at a boat dock or whatever and I paused the DVD because the barrels caught my eye.

My sketch is not exact to what was on screen.  I changed things around a bit and added others.  Each page could probably stand alone but also works well together.

Worked in the Moleskine Sketchbook with Platinum Carbon pen and Pilot Prera both with Lexington Gray ink.  (both pens used because one feeds wetter than the other producing various values).


Orsi said...

I like so much the way you tell us about the formation of your drawings.

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Orsi!! It helps me remember too lol.

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