Thursday, November 30, 2017

Latest Sketching Bag / Handbag

As most sketchers can relate with, I'm always looking for that "perfect" sketching bag.  I have several for various occasions..........some carrying more or less depending upon where I'm going, how far I have to walk from the car, etc.  I'm still looking for one I can carry all the time that also works as a normal handbag.

This so far comes the closest but wish it were about another inch larger all the way around.  Not too big but bigger than this one, which is 9 x 7 x 3.

Although I can carry my 5 x 7 hand sewn journal in the main compartment, it competes for space with my overly thick wallet (I use a man's tri-fold).   Recently I found a "mini" wallet I can carry one card, my license, and a few dollars cash which should work out beautifully but haven't used it yet.  I bought that for when I know I'm going out sketching a head of time and only want to carry the bare minimum in case robbed (and yes I think about that after my youngest son was robbed a few weeks ago).

I don't carry a lot of garbage in my handbag.....wallet, IB, keys, maybe lip balm, cell phone, and camera at times.  I wanted a bag large enough to where I can carry at least a pen, pencil, and small sketchbook with me at all times.  This works beautifully for that just mentioned.  But then it starts getting quite crowded with extras like folded paper towel, tissue, several pens, waterbrushes and palette.

For now this will work but I will continue to search for that perfect bag :-)


WWendi said...

Hi Susan!!

I am so sorry to read that your son was robbed!! I hope he is alright, and that he was able to reclaim his stolen property.

If your looking for a lightweight, well organized handbag that also works wonderfully as an everyday sketching bag I would like to suggest the Lug (brand) Shimmy (style). Measuring 11” wide x 9.5” tall x 4” deep, it’s not too much bigger than the one you’ve posted about. For photos and videos you can Google it, or I’d be happy to send you some photos of mine. YouTube will have several videos. You can also visit Lug Life .com

To give you an idea of how much this compact handbag holds this is how I organize my EDC:

* Small front zippered pocket: thin business card case, mints, soft tooth picks in a little case, a small pack of skin blotters (I am cursed with very oily skin).
* Medium front zippered pocket: this gusseted zip around pocket is RFID protected and has 4 card slots which hold my DL and the other 7 cards I need carry. There’s a soft lined horizontal elastic-topped pocket which is suppose to hold a phone or glasses, but I use it for change and cash. I also put receipts and tickets etc in this pocket. Essentially this pocket replaces a bulky wallet. You could also just put your wallet in that pocket.
* Big Front Slip magnetic closure pocket: holds my large smart phone, lip balm, and a handkerchief.
* Top Zippered Main compartment: includes two vertical, elastic-topped cargo pockets (one of which has two pen sleeves -which hold my Apple Pencil, and my sketching pen), a zippered wall pocket, and a detachable key ring! This area can hold my sunglasses in a fabric case, small tube of hand lotion, Kokuyo Neo Critz Flat Pencil Case which converts into a standing pen cup and holds various sketching pens and waterbrushes), 8.5x5.5 S&B softcover sketchbook, two binder clips, Tran Portfolio Pencil Case (just the Pencil holder, not the clear vinyl pouch part. It holds 25 watercolor pencils vertically in a single row, all lined up and easy to see, grab, and replace), my 9.7 iPad Pro in a thin shell case (carefully slipped in horizontally it just squeaks by the zipper). The zippered wall pocket holds extra Apple Pencil tips, a couple hair bands, additional cash at times, and a few various other, flat personal items, etc. (Lately I’ve been sketching digitally and have only been carrying my iPad, Apple Pencil, a cable, and my Anker Fusion 2-in-one portable battery and wall charger).
* Back Zippered Pocket holds two watercolor Pocket Palettes, folded blue paper shop towel, my Clipa 2 purse hanger (the gunmetal finish perfectly matches the Shimmy’s gun metal zippers), and my earphones.
* This hand bag also features foldable water bottle pocket on one end. It has an elastic-topped cargo pocket covered by two flaps that overlap. The top overlapping flap has a strong magnetic closure, and the bottom flap has a Velcro closure. When you undo just the top flap it easily holds a common 16.9oz disposable water bottle. If you detach the other flap from the Velcro it will accommodate a little larger bottle. You could also put sun glasses, etc. in this pocket.

I am in no way affiliated with any of these products, or companies. Just a fan of functional handbags and sketching implements, and... let’s just say... extremely enthusiastic about sketching bags/kits/supplies!! LOL!! Also, Lug is a great company. I had an issue with the zipper on one of my Shimmy bags (yeah, I have two), and they mailed me replacement for free!

I’m sorry for the lengthy comment, but at the very least, I do hope it peaks your interest. I always enjoy reading your posts and am grateful that you share your wonderful art!!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you so much for the suggestion and sharing about your bag!!! I've been doing some surfing since I read your comment and like what I see. The size sounds good too......not too much bigger but bigger than what I'm using now. Handbags, pouches, cases, etc. are a weakness for me like shoes can be for many women.........LOL.

WWendi said...

You and me both!! Handbags/pouches/cases/art supplies are a complete weakness!! Luckily I don’t have crazy expensive taste in handbags.!! The Shimmy is the first bag I’ve used in a long time that I’ve used for over a year without switching out (except for to a different color) or looking for a different bag. If you do decide to purchase a Shimmy, know that on Amazon there is also older version of it that doesnt have the gunmetal zippers or the card slots. I have an olive green one of this older version (I just realized I actually have 3 Shimmy bags!! Lol!), and the pocket is RFID protected. You might like the older version as well. I never had any issue with the zippers. It also worked great for hiking! QVC has a couple different colors from Lug Life .com (and vise versa), and they have inexpensive shipping. You can also purchase it by making payments in smaller increments. If you purchase directly from Lug the shipping is more expensive as it is coming from Canada. But no matter where you buy it from, Lug stands by their products and will replace them if you have any problems.

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