Saturday, November 18, 2017

Watercolor Demo by Lyn Smith Worked in Procreate

Yesterday we had a wonderful watercolor demo with a great turnout at the Leesburg Art Center presented to us by Lyn Smith.  The purpose of the chosen subject and results was to teach us how to use two colors to produce the painting.  With Lyn's demo example, she used Coblt Blue and Burnt Umber.

She shared how she mixed a thick sticky base mixture of her two pigments and then adding water for the various values needed.  She shared how to lay down a small amount of dark color and fade it out creating soft edges like you see in the petals.

Take note of what she used here to mix her two pigments together.  I would never have thought to use a mini whisk like she is using here.  What a fantastic idea and it would save on the hairs of a brush most people use for mixing.

Initially, Lyn used two other color choices (I believe Aliz and a Phalo  Blue) for her original painting she completed taking a watercolor class.  For a different look and using non staining pigments she had us go for a blue tinted painting instead.

Well Susan being Susan, she decided to try her hand at seeing what she could do using Procreate instead.  Using methods of laying down a color stroke and blending..........trying to achieve a similar look using an Apple Pencil instead of a paint brush.

Although not the two colors as used in the watercolor demo, a very limited palette was used here.  A single blue was used and the values achieved either by light or heavier pressure and/or blending or fading out.  Two different values of green were used.......a very light and a very dark almost black was blended together for the background.  Then a bit of pink was added just for added interest.

One thing I could still do is go darker with my values in some areas of the petals nearest the center.

Thank you Lyn for a wonderful presentation and fun time we had :-)

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WWendi said...

Wow! This is fantastic!! I’m so glad you tried it digitally. It really shows the extent and depth of the different styles of art that can be created with pixels!!

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