Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Cross-Hatching Procreate vs Paper

Well, the jury's back............cross-hatching is proving to be my least favorite thing to least with ballpoint.  If I have to do this much cross-hatching to fill in a subject, I prefer digital.  

As mentioned in a previous post, one doesn't have to worry about ink pooling resulting in ink blobs working digital.  You don't have to worry about constantly wiping the point on tissue which I find is disruptive in workflow.  One can set the opacity rather than totally relying on pressure holding a pen.  With the Apple pencil, you can use both to your advantage.  And due to the fact you don't have to rely on pressure, it's easier on the hand.

Not sure I will actually produce a portrait using cross-hatching as it would probably take me days versus hours to complete but that might change.  In comparing the two below, I do like the results of the pepper worked in Procreate but not sure I have THAT much patience to work something as complex as a portrait.  We shall see.  I do admit that this can be therapeutic....very relaxing (if not having to constantly worry about blobs).

 Just for fun, I took my original and added color blending mode layers to produce the following.

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