Wednesday, September 16, 2020

My Characters in Two Separate ACNH Games

Having two accounts and playing two individual Animal Crossing games, my youngest son asked that I sketch my characters I created in each game.

One game is playing in the Northern Hemisphere (my first and main game) that follows our seasons (which is going into Autumn) and the other game is playing in the Southern Hemisphere which seasons are opposite (going from Winter into Spring).  I'm doing this so I can enjoy the various species of fish, bugs, and sea creatures based on the different seasons without having to wait all year long to finish my museum.

With my main game, my character is an older version of me showing where I wear my hair back all the time and gray in color.  In the second game, I set myself up as a younger version of me when I actually wore my hair down and before the natural highlighting started to take place.

Notice both show me barefoot and that's me.........I hate wearing shoes :-)

I had the younger version visit the older version in the game so they could sit side by side to work on this sketch.

Quick sketching in Alpha sketchbook using the 2B pencil.

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