Thursday, January 4, 2018

Art Journaling Using an Ipad

I love journaling because all my artwork is maintained in books one can sit and flip through.  In addition to my books, I take quality scans so that I can have a digital copy for backup and to print from should I want reprints for framing.

So what happens when I work digital sketches and paintings and want to have them in a book format to sit and flip through?

Some people might consider printing off and pasting in an actual journal or sketchbook.  I'm not one for scrap booking which to me means playing with glue.  Instead, I like using what I used to use for safekeeping of all my individual sheet paintings before I took to keeping actual journal books.........Itoya Presentation Portfolio Folders.

You can get these in various sizes and the sleeves you slide your work down into are acid free.  This way not only do I have a book of my digital paintings to flip and view, I also have a hard copy as backup.

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