Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Last Three Days

Quick sketches using Procreate

First is part of a vase that a lucky bamboo sits in that was given to me by my step-son, Stephen during the week they were here in December (for Christmas).

This next are a couple of miniatures I purchased at, In a Nutshell Miniatures, located in Tavares, FL  I love gnomes as they bring back happy memories of my youngest son and I sitting each day watching David the Gnome.....which was one of those cartoon shows that taught children morals.

People practice sharing the many faces of our sketching group - FAST.  Stands for Fetch a Sketch Trekkers.  There are others not included here but I ran out of space.  These are the primary ones who tend to go out on a regular basis with a few extras who do once in awhile.

Several I think I came close to looking like the individual's exactness, while others I can use more practice.  But if I were to go back to this weeks/months later, I'd know exactly who was who.

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