Sunday, January 7, 2018

Beloved Christmas Gift from Years Ago

This is a nightlight my sister sent me as a Christmas gift many years ago.  The light plugs directly into an electrical outlet and light bulb sits behind the framed deer.

Brings back lots of memories of my going hunting with my dad........more so just to be out with him and enjoy the peacefulness sitting in the woods.  It brings back memories of our living on the hill in West Virginia where deer frequented our bird feeders.  And, it also reminds me of all the deer that used to visit my sister to eat corn they threw out for them in Texas.  That was a site to see as it wasn't just a few that came around but a whole herd when she banged on the container that held the corn.

Procreate using Watercolor brush tool and Med Airbrush tool for smudging or blending.

Animated showing the layers created for this illustration.

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