Saturday, January 13, 2018

Procreate Techniques I'm Using

Sharing some of the brush tools and how I'm using them in the app, Procreate:

My two top favorite brush tools

How I am pulling from a dark color blending down to lighter values using one of the airbrush tools

Hard and soft edges going lighter in value blending with airbrush tool

Example using my thumb to show how using the smudge / Airbrush tool to pull and blend color from simple color lines laid down. 


Ginny Stiles said...

How expensive is the Procreate app?
There appears to be endless things to do with it!!!

Susan Bronsak said...

The app itself is $9.99 through Itunes. Works beautifully with the Apple pencil and Ipad Pro (Apple pencil only works with the Ipad Pro). You can use your finger too to draw with but my fat fingers get in the way of seeing what I'm doing.......ha ha ha

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