Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Single Christmas Cactus Flower

For years my Christmas Cactus plants bloomed beautifully while living in West Virginia.  They used to be outside on a covered porch facing south west from about May until October or so when the cooler weather started moving in.  In front of the porch were two huge trees that helped with shading the plants. 

I would leave them outside until night time temperatures fell into the 40s and then bring them inside.  They would sit in front of the windows that faced the same direction as they did while on the front porch.

Maybe the plants experiencing a big temperature change helped promote good flowering......I'm really not sure.

Since we moved to Florida and the plants growing in a Florida room facing south, I've been lucky to see these plants produce flowers.  A few might show up but nothing like before.  And this year one plant out of several has a few buds and this one flower blooming. 

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