Monday, January 22, 2018

Playing with Name of Group Logo

We have a local sketching group that for a time was referred to as the LAL Sketchers' group with members of Leesburg Art League and members of another sketching group called Lines and Puddles.  Over time, several from the Lines and Puddles joined the art league in Leesburg.

The one problem we had with using LAL Sketchers was that it implied we were directly tied in with the Leesburg Center for the Arts and that isn't really true.  It's a separate entity so we needed to come up with a name that was unique to who we are and what we include who made up the group covering several neighboring cities.

After asking for suggestions for names, my husband jokingly mentioned Fetch a Sketch which at first I laughed at but shared the suggestion to Shari who is in this with me running the sketching group.  She too laughed but after a short period of time, her and I both found we really liked the sound of it.

We wanted to include some word describing we travel without using the word Travel.  That's when we came up with Trek or Trekkers which means walk, hike, sight-see, travel, wander about, etc.  So what we ended up with is Fetch A Sketch Trekkers..........which was well liked by the members of the group.

I've been playing with logos and other illustrations I might include on flyers and here is what I've come up with so far to work with.  Talk about fun!!!!  LOL

All have been worked using the Ipad and Procreate except for the bear........playing with various colors, etc.  The goal is to make the illustrations fun and whimsical to fit the name of the group.

The centipede illustration was suggested by my dear friend in the UK and this is what I came up with so far.  I want to play with that one more.

Updated 01/24/18................based on a suggestion from a dear friend and part of our sketching group:


Ginny Stiles said...

Depending on it's use, the one with just the colored printing and the little feet on the letters is the most "readable" version. Great for a T-shirt. I wish the green word had a pen instead of wheels.
Pencils, paint brushes, pens are the 3 tools we most often use.

Susan Bronsak said...

I'm still playing and I'll probably try that with the pen instead of the rope. My initial idea was to make the rope longer wrapping around as a border to the three words but then got side tracked and didn't do that. I'll still try the idea of the rope border and probably several others as they come to mind :-D Thank you, Ginny...........I value your input!

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