Thursday, January 25, 2018

Loosening Up - Straight in with Pen

Today I chose to jump straight in with pen and ink.  I'm finding myself returning to old habits of nit picking and spending way too much time on a sketch...........worrying about the results.  I don't want back into that habit as it only frustrates me and I start finding excuses not to try.

So when I start feeling that way, I'll work exercises like the continuous line or going straight in with pen and ink just to enjoy the process rather than worrying about the results.  Working towards a sketcherly feel :-)

This is the corner of my desk.  I used a journal book I'm not crazy about called Paperblanks.  The paper is super smooth/slick and several of my fountain pens not crazy about being used on it.  This one is using the hero 578 Bent Nib and it wanted to skip.  But that just added to the sketcherly feel so I guess not all bad.  I'll just be glad when I'm through the book and be done with it.  Not too many paper surfaces I've tried that I feel this bad about except the Moleskine after they "improved" their paper surfaces (at least for what I hope for in a paper surface). 


Ginny Stiles said...

I am working on trying to do a small sketch every day.
Just trying the routine again. Sometimes the sketch is a Zentangle but just something with pen and ink.
I am trying out the concept of "tiny sketchbooks" handmade.
Have you see my blog posts the last two days.
No blank page syndrome with tiny books!

Susan Bronsak said...

I think the tiny sketchbooks are so neat!!! Will definitely work out nicely to try and get a sketch a day in since it's not trying to fill an entire large page.

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