Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Last Couple of Days

So far so good trying to do a little something each day.  Definitely on the right track to meet my goal of 365 sketches for 2018.

This first is worked in a 3.5 x 5.5 Stillman & Birn Beta journal using the hand crafted fountain pen and Lexy Gray ink.  Then added the little bit of watercolor using a waterbrush.  Only have three more pages before another journal is complete (front and back pages).

Procreate Sketch - primarily using the airbrush tool for this one for both color placement and blending.....all but the foliage, which I used the water brush tool.

8.5 x 12 Stillman & Birn Beta journal using the Platinum Carbon Desk fountain pen and Platinum Carbon black ink.  Worked this one for our sketchcrawl email for when we decide to go to this location......showing where to meet up.

This next one is working in Procreate.  I am so loving sketching on the Ipad with this app.  I tend to use the same two or three brush tools which makes it easy for me to remember what I've used for various techniques and texture.

Another positive to sketching digital is having light in the evening from the electronic screen.  I tend to grab the Ipad of an evening when there's no natural lighting to work under with pen and ink and watercolor.  Easier on my eyes.

As you may have noticed, I'm bouncing back and forth between paper and digital sketching.   Each offers different challenges to help keep me motivated and inspired.

Each step is a separate layer.  Not shown on the sheet of steps (except in the final larger image), is where I took the layer of the background changing the green just a tad so it wasn't quite as gray looking and extending around to the bottom right.

I like saving the steps to help me remember what I've done and also to help my granddaughter (and anyone else) see how I'm working.  Some layers might only be a tinge of darker color here and there.  I work the separate layer if I'm happy with what's already done and fear messing it up by adding different values or in step three (top right) where I only added a touch of darker color on the breast area and step/layer four (middle left) for the slight blue gray shadow.

I have two more sketch/paintings in the in my large Beta journal and another on the Ipad.  :-)

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