Monday, January 8, 2018

Day of Sketching

I'm close to finishing one of my sketchbooks and it's like going into over-drive sketching...........maybe subconsciously wanting to finish it?  :-)  Not sure because I'm also working in Procreate as well going back and forth.  And it could be for another keep my mind occupied.

S&B Small Beta Journal / Platinum Carbon Desk Pen w/Lexy Gray Ink

This first is from photos taken here in Florida while kayaking/fishing.  Still trying to learn my Florida birds.  I'm not 100% sure if this is an Egret but I think so.

This next one is showing what I'm dealing with as of yesterday morning.  It's getting progressively worse and have no idea what's going on.  No injury.  I go barefoot all the time so not anything from wearing shoes.

Woke up yesterday with the feeling something was stuck to two of my toes.  Then a tingling sensation along with itching and then becoming more painful...........probably from swelling.  Later in the day noticed these bumps and groups of them.  Almost like blisters but not.  Then last night noticed the dark purple/black spot on one toe that looks like a blood blister but I don't think it is.  This morning the red spot next to it with toes hurting.  There's a cluster of bumps on the side of one toes that rubs against the other and driving me crazy.   My feet are extremely dry and flaking.

Procreate Sketching

Using different brush tools that look like graphite.  It's of a Tree Man Planter I got for Christmas from my husband.

And then there was the other already posted of a night scene where I sketched using an eraser brush tool in Procreate on a dark background.

I've already started another sketch in my large portrait format S&B Beta that I'll probably finish as the day wears on.

Definitely a productive day and part of the reason might be to take my mind off my toes.


Rebecca said...

Egrets or not, I love your birds! Hoping that rash clears up soon for you. I got so many mystery rashes when I lived in Florida that I've vowed never to move back.Miserable rigs to have to deal with!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you so much, Rebecca :-) Yeah........I lived here back in 74 / 75 and swore I'd never move back.......LOL.

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