Friday, July 31, 2020

A Scraggly Magnolia Transformed Unexpectedly

Years ago we cut the top off of a scraggly looking magnolia tree in our back yard with the intent to leave a good portion of the trunk to place a bird feeder on top.  Time got away from us doing other things and the next thing we knew, that truck started sprouting new life.  As it grew, what once was scraggly looking, took on a nice shape with leaves filling in from bottom to top due to the new branching lower on the trunk. 

The last couple of years we hoped to see flowers but never did.  However, last year, my husband found a seed pod indicating it had indeed produced a flower.  This year we didn't think to watch for flowers with everything going on with the virus and whatnot so we missed it flowering again.  This year four seed pods were discovered when mowing the lawn.  At this point they are white...still forming, and I look forward to when they have developed the seeds and the pods dry.  I like collecting things like that for sketching purposes.

Journal with Fabriano Hot Press paper / Metropolitan with DeAtramentis Dark Green and Noodler's #41 Brown.  DS watercolors.

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