Tuesday, March 6, 2018

2018 One Week 100 People Challenge

Last year I didn't complete this challenge.  I ended up stopping after 50 people.  The problem was I had already spent a couple weeks working with people gestures so when this challenge came around, I was pretty burnt out sketching people.

This year's challenge started yesterday and I didn't learn about it until this morning.  Determined I'm going to work it this year, I immediately set myself in motion and worked two days into one to catch up.

I have three days to complete the challenge working 20 a day and I think I can do this.

Now the one thing I do question............the challenge is called "One Week 100 People" and I'm wondering when a week went from seven days to five???  Maybe they should rename the challenge to reflect the correct amount of days they allow for this.

The first two pages are using the Carbon Stick brush tool.  Then I switched to the 6B Compressed (both under Charcoal Brush Set).  I think I prefer the 6B as it's not as fuzzy looking.  But it was a nice experiment using two different brush tools to compare working the same subject.

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