Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Not Intimidated by Bullies

I can sit for hours watching birds and have feeders in the back and front of our house.  Right outside the window where I spend 95% of my time, is a feeder about 8 to 10 feet from the window.  We have cardinals, blue jays, tits, sparrows, black caps and doves with an occasional woodpecker checking out the food supply.  Another regular is the mockingbird who tends to stand guard and chase off the other birds.........to include the larger birds like the blue jays.

Starting yesterday blackbirds started showing up at the feeder.  There are two in particular that keep returning.  I sat and watched as the mockingbird kept flying back and forth from roof top to feeder to tree as he tried chasing these guys off.  They wouldn't budge.  Then another mockingbird teamed up with both trying their best to chase the intruders off.  The blackbirds continued eating.  They flew off only after one mockingbird made direct body contact with one of them but then returned shortly after as to say.........ha ha.....you can't keep us away.

Strathmore Visual Watercolor sketchbook with the Fude 45 bent nib fountain pen.

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