Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Testing a New Sketchbook - Fabriano Venezia Drawing Sketchbook

A very dear friend here where I live uses this brand sketchbook........Fabriano Venezia Drawing Sketchbook.  Last week I accompanied him on a presentation given in Stonecrest about keeping Artist Journals and as a gift for doing so, he gave me one...........6 x 9" size.

Lee is one who jumps in with pen......using a Sharpie Fine pen and then applying watercolor to his sketch.  Normally I don't dedicate my sketchbooks to anything in particular but this one I want to use his method..........meaning no pencil allowed.  We'll see how that goes.............lol

To start off the first couple of pages, I decided to test different pens on the paper surface.  This lets me know if I need to take care with ink bleeding or bleed through to the back of the page.  I was particularly interested in seeing how my extra fine nibs handled being moved across the paper surface which has a very slight tooth.  And with it being 90 lb "drawing" paper, I wanted to see how it handled my application of watercolor.  For these examples I used only a light wash wet on dry.

The only "drag" I noticed was with the 005 Micron.  My EF fountain pen nibs seemed to move across the paper without any problem.

As noted in my page notes, fountain pen ink tends to spread or feather with the wetter feeding nibs more so than the dryer feeding nibs.  I would have to keep that in mind not allowing my nib to linger in one spot for any length of time but instead moving quickly.  The only bleed through I experienced was when I did the "dot" test letting the tip of the nib just sit for several seconds to see if the dot grew larger.  That showed up on the back side but the thicker nibs with heavier application moving along quickly did not.

First impression..........I like the paper!  I like the texture or slight tooth.  :-)

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