Friday, March 30, 2018

Lola - Yellow/Chocolate Lab Mix

My youngest son's new puppy, Lola.

Momma is a Chocolate lab and daddy is a Yellow Lab.  Pups took on the coloring of the Yellow Lab.  Lola has greenish eyes and lighter in color than her sister that was still left to be adopted.

When we go to choose a puppy, we let the pups choose us and that's what Lola did.......she picked Travis.  He went out to take a look at the two puppies remaining and this one came right up to him, laid down at his feet, and stayed with Travis the entire time.  If he walked around, she followed.  The other pup was friendly running up to Travis but full of energy running and jumping around. 

Lola was born January 8, 2018 so she's not quite 3 months old.

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