Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My Three Sons

You would think that after all those faces I did for the One Week 100 People challenge that I would be done with wanting to sketch faces.  But here I am continuing on.

These are my three sons when they were little boys.  They are five years a part from each other with the youngest turning 30 the end of this month.

The youngest and the oldest favor my side of the family, whereas, the middle favors his dad's.  The youngest and middle have hazel or brown with green eyes and my oldest has my eye coloring which is green with amber.  Talk about a mix...........lol

Neal.....the middle child ended up with the blue black hair my mom had.  The other two ended up with my hair coloring.......dirty blonde when little to darker brown as they got older.

These were so much fun to sketch!!!!


Annie said...

Great sketch of your boys Susan. I wish I could draw people. It is so intimidating to me that I don’t even know where to start!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you, Annie !! :-)

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