Saturday, March 31, 2018

First Bald Eagle I've Seen In the Wild

Today my husband and I drove out to a place called Emeralda Marsh Conservation.  The drive is being rerouted through the marsh lands and we found is only about half way finished.  But the drive was a nice one that is open now to the public. 

Lots of areas to launch a kayak or fish from the shoreline.  Also a nice place for bird watching.

It was very cloudy with gray skies and it sprinkled now and then while we were out.  Close to the end of the drive near the area where people launch boats I saw a huge bird fly to the top of a bare tree.  I thought it was possibly a bald eagle but wasn't sure until I zoomed in with my super zoom camera.

We knew there were Bald Eagles in Florida.  I've seen friends post photos where they live not too far from us and I've seen one at a wildlife reserve ...... caged.  However, this was the first time I'd seen one out in the wild.  For us it was exciting.

We were a long distance from this bird and wasn't sure how my photos would turn out.  I hate digital zoom but had to use it.  Fortunately, the photos turned out well enough for me to at least sketch the experience and siting :-)

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