Sunday, March 18, 2018

Procreate Color / Texture Practice - Opal

When nothing else grabs me, I can always fall back on practicing with this little bear :-)

For today's practice I decided to work in Procreate.  I'm still trying to get a good feel for using color, and texture.

This sketch is using:

Brush Tool - Charcoal - 6B Compressed for the fur and the initial strokes of the wood surface Opal is sitting on.

Brush Tool - Airbrush - Med Soft for the shadow color before smudging to blend and soften it.  Also used for the pendant.

Smudge Tool - Airbrush - Med Soft for smudging the wood and soften the shadow

Eraser Tool - Charcoal - 6B Compressed large size to spot stroke for added texture to the darker fur color already worked.

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