Saturday, March 10, 2018

Revisit to Sketching Supplies and Kits

I think part of the love of sketching is not just filling sketchbooks and journals but also collecting various supplies and putting together a variety of kits one can use for going out sketching and painting.  It's almost like an addiction for me and I'm always surfing the net for new

I have several related posts under the key word (sketch kits) 

1)  This first photo shows only a sampler of the various sketchbooks and journals I use.  From back to forward and left to right.......

Sennelier Accordion sketchbook / Stillman and Birn spiral Beta; Sewn Hardback Delta; spiral Epsilon; and Sewn Hardback Alpha / Strathmore Tinted Sketchbooks; Global Handbook; Moleskine; Handmade Leather Journal / Itoya Presentation Folders with clear sleeves to slide your work down into / Langton Spiral Watercolor Pad; Handmade Journal; Visual Journal by Strathmore / Handsewn Hardback Journal; Spiral Handmade Journal; Handmade Accordion Journal

2)  Traveling Kit using a passport neck carrier.  Perfect for a small sketchbook, small palette, pens, pencil, eraser, tissue tucked down inside, putty eraser, and a waterbrush.

3)  Accruasee Strap- On Sketch Caddie:  Small palette, waterbrush, pens/pencils, putty eraser, tissue.  This sketch caddie has an elastic strap that wraps around the front cover of a sketchbook.

4)  Collection of pre-made palettes and those customized using old children's paint kits, crayon tins, and Altoid tin boxes.  With the pre-made palettes, I often customize them as well using empty half and full pans if the cases do not have molded pan inserts (like the Winsor & Newton Pocket Palette).

5)  One of my favorites - Lihit Lab Pen Case:  Left inside carries my pens and pencils.  The middle flap where you can add additional pens, I use to hang a small portrait Stillman and Birn journal, and behind the middle flap, I have tissue, q-tips, and a paper stump on the left and palette, travel brushes and putty eraser on the right.

6)  One of my day to day handbags I carry everywhere (my purse).  I always have pens, pencil, eraser, small tissue, waterbrush, customized thin palette and small journal with me at all times.  Inside the zippered compartment I can fit a 5 x 7 journal, small wallet, bottle of IB, and other small items I might need.  The back is where I carry my cell phone.

Keys and camera are attached to the outside with carabiner hooks......accessible at all times.

7)  Another favorite is this canvas tool bag purchased from Harbor Freight for about $10.  I take this one if I don't have a long distance walk ahead of me (I prefer something with a shoulder strap for any walking I might have to do).  I carry the green Lihit Lab Pen case full of sketching gear (as shown above), coffee and water on either side, large Journal, heavy duty cardboard with clips I can use for a mini lap table, white plexiglass sheet (about 8 x 10) I use as a mixing surface, collapsible water bowl, smaller journal on outside pocket, nylon bag with pens and brushes, a larger folding palette, folded paper towels, tissue, hand cleaner, small mister bottle........and still have plenty of room for more stuff if needed.

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Ginny Stiles said... rock, girl.
You are ready to teach a class in sketching.
THAT is more sketch packs that I have and that is saying something.
I have about 4 that I is a backpack and it's rapidly become one of my favorites.
I love all the choices of wc kits!
My favorite is still my Brenda Swenson one but it does take a bit more room.
Did you make it to the Leesburg Street show.
I didn't make it this year. GRRR.

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