Sunday, March 18, 2018

2018 Wekiva Paint Out

Yesterday, several from our sketching group attended a yearly paint out sponsored at Wekiva Island, Florida.

This event goes all week long with artists from all over setting up around the area and painting in various mediums.  I believe they also provide classes during this time for those who wish to take them or at least watch the artist, asking questions, etc.  The final day there is a paint out competition where you have two hours to paint and then put up for display and judging.

There were eight judges that included other artists, art collectors, and just people in general who appreciate looking at artwork.

From our group of eight people who attended (Shari, myself, SusanF, Ella, Gail, Lyn, Vinnie, and Sharon), five participated in this competition where as the others chose to just sketch, watch others paint, and just enjoy the time out at this beautiful spot.

I was one who just worked a quick sketch in my journal and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  This time I actually pulled out my paints and painted on location.  I still prefer to do so at home where I have a solid structure to place my sketchbook rather than juggling everything in my lap.

I chose to work a bridge and why ..... I have no idea.  I find them quite overwhelming to try and capture so they look like they have two sides to them rather than one like in my all those railing pieces :-O ..... lol.   But it represents where I was sitting and the view I had :-)  What I should have zoomed in on instead are those two trees with the neat roots crawling down the bank.  Oh well............maybe next time as I'm sure we'll return to this place in the future.

This is our Vinnie working on her pastel for the competition

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