Sunday, March 11, 2018

Quick Sketch - Our Fur Baby

I used to be set up (office and art room combined) out in our sunroom off the bedroom.  The "living room was center of the house but because of no real natural lighting, it was too depressing to spend any time in.  We decided to move things around placing the living room in the front of the house with northern exposure with a big bay window plus another near ceiling to floor window a few feet over. 

I set up my desk behind the loveseat with a few art supplies nearby and spend most of my time there.  Our little yorki-poo, Miya, often lays up on the back of the loveseat to be near me.  She also has a good outside view as well.  I think she loves the change as much if not more so than we do. I'm just relaxing and watching TV and Miya jumped up on the back of the couch.  With her there I decided to work a quick sketch.

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