Friday, January 11, 2019

The Bud that Wouldn't Bloom

Terry cut this bud several days ago.  We had others cut before that would bloom within a day or two but this one opened a petal and than stopped.

Now the bud is showing signs it's not going to last much longer so we're not hanging on to any hopes that this will open up.  Shame too because this particular rose has the most beautiful fragrance. 

Worked light pencil sketch first and then watercolor.  Added the ink last using a Sharpie pen.

Colors used were Perm Aliz with Sap Green and a touch of D Purple added to the mix.  Green is straight Sap Green.

Strathmore 500 Imperial Cold Press 140 lb weight.  Paper I cut down and added the spiral binding.  I carry this little sketchbook (4 x 6) everywhere. 

Brush used was the Black Velvet #6 Round

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